1 Corinthians 2:9 "No eyes have seen, No ear has heard, No mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him"

Thursday, January 12, 2012

God is BIGGER than these challenges!

Early on in this adoption process, I had several sweet women (who had gone ahead of me in this process) warn me...Satan will attack you during this process of adoption. I heard them but I can't honestly say that at that magical time of PA (pre approval from China) bliss I let that sink in...

Well, I humbly come before you and say...Satan is bringing a good game on against me. These last 2 weeks have not only been challenging for me emotionally but now I feel the spiritual attack as well. I have questioned my ability to parent the kids I have much less a child who doesn't speak the same language, asked my self and God "Am I praying enough?"...am I good enough??? Things that maybe I should but don't usually question about myself!!!

Let me explain..

I have two children now and a wonderful husband...I adore them all. My husband was gone for the better part of last week, my son adopts the attitude of a little "monster" and my sweet little girl decides to single handily destroy my house!!! As if that fun last week wasn't enough~ THIS week has been even more of a roller coaster. I like to "blame" the Full MOON but now that I am looking back I realize...my family is under a MAJOR spiritual ATTACK. Actions, words , attitudes...WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE I am living with???? LOL!!!! My goodness!!!

As I was reading my devotion this morning, I was struck by these words:

"One of our biggest obstacles in trusting God is our own sense of strength. The truth is we can never be too WEAK for God to use us but we can be too STRONG. When we recognize the limits of our control, however, we are much more likely to embrace our need for God".

I NEED GOD...not only this week or last week but today and forever. I am NOT in control, as much as I would like to be...I AM NOT!!! We are bringing a child to America.. a place where our son will learn about Jesus...that's one less player for the opponents team...Satan isn't happy and he is making some waves in my life...HOWEVER, I am weak enough to let my GOD be strong during these challenges!

This may not resonate with some of you but others of you who have been here know what I mean.
I am thankful I have a God who will step in the gaps,fight my fight for me and help me remember,He is working thought me not the other way around!! I am thankful and blessed...and PS~The battle is WON!!!

Sending prayers and love for all of you where we are or coming along behind us!!!

Much love, Kim

This morning I was reading my devotion I recieve


  1. You are right on friend! I will pray that the Lord continues to protect you from the enemy as he allows these struggles to refine you for His glory. We love you. The Rylands

  2. Girl, I can testify that this same thing happened with us down to the detail of what you've mentioned. 2 Cor 12:9, I'm claiming it every day all day over my boys & all the way to Ch&*a & back!

  3. Girl, I'm right there with you and praying for you!! Love you!! I blogged almost the same experience this week too :) LOVED that devotional in Jesus Calling yesterday too!! Love you! Jenni

  4. The pic of buggy on the floor is hilarious (since I didn't have to clean it up!) My kitchen chandelier fell out of the ceiling this week - I'm not kidding, lol! Worked out better in the end - got a cheap replacement that makes more light - haha! God can make anything good. And you're a GREAT mom - you love Jesus!! Praying for all of you!