1 Corinthians 2:9 "No eyes have seen, No ear has heard, No mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him"

Friday, December 30, 2011

Trevor's visit from Mrs Angie and Colin Rylands

***As you know, I am a "blogger baby"!!! I am just getting the hang of all the fun things that blogging has to offer me and the world! So first let me give a BIG SHOUT OUT to Angie Rylands and Annie Hamlin...they are clipping my "baby blogging" wings so I can learn to FLY!!!! LOL! They have helped me with my "buttons", my lay out,  taught me, how to upload pictures and all that fun, fancy stuff us newbies have to learn!!! Love you Girls and THANK YOU!!!***

While Angie was in Wuhan going to get her precious new son Cameron, she was able to visit Trevor, as well and take him a Care package from us! His gift included pajamas,a fleece shirt and pants,cars, candy and a photo album of our family, our home, our friends, etc! Here he is taking his first look at what it looks like to be a SCARBROUGH!

We sent a picture of Tripp in a pair of Captain America PJ's holding Trevor's new pair that matched and were in his care package.

Oh~ can he be any CUTER??? Its may sound crazy that you can LOVE & MISS a person you have never met before but let me tell you ...IT IS POSSIBLE!!! I love this sweet child already and can not wait to hold him in my Mommy arms for the first time! (OH the tears!!!).

Also, we learned that not only are he and Cameron Rylands friends, they are BEST friends. Trevor was so excited when the translator shared with him that our families are very close friends and live only 30 minutes apart! They will go to church together every Sunday together too! YAY!!!!

Cameron is on the left and Trevor is on the right! How good is our God that He would care enough about these boys to not only give them FOREVER FAMILIES but that they can maintain their friendship stateside!  Amazing how He cares about us even in the smallest details.

I am so thankful to have a friend like Angie who loved me and my son enough to haggle with the orphanage and have the mandantory Orphanage Fee of $200.00 waived to see Trevor, Jenny (Kim Jackson's daughter) and 3 other precious kids she wanted to advocate for!!! You GO SISTER!!! AND, now 2 of the 3 kiddos have FOREVER FAMILIES!!! We are ALL blessed by you friend! Thank you for loving on my baby boy for me and bringing me back some wonderful pics and videos to keep me hanging on while I plow though the paper work!!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you are blessed enough to have friends like I do in 2012 if you dont already!!

Much Love, Kim :)


  1. It was my absolute pleasure friend! Your boy is beyond precious and I am so thankful that the Lord would choose me to deliver that precious package to him. He was truly happy to see his new forever family. I pray that his wait will be as short as possible!

  2. Kim, Thanks for posting! I'm so proud of you for having a blog! I am so excited for you to go get Trevor! I can't wait to meet him!

  3. first of all I am so proud of you for blogging! second..beyond amazing! i love reading every detail! this boy doesn't know what an awesome ride he has waiting for him joining the best family ever! hugs! love and miss sweet friend!!